Link Building and Link Baiting are SEO techniques used to increase the quantity of incoming links from third-party websites to your web page.

The number of incoming links is one of the main metrics search engines use to measure the popularity of a website. This metric indicates to Google the level of relevancy of a page and it will influence the organic positioning of your website.

Illicit link building techniques have been practiced for many years and many websites have been penalised for this.

Today it is important to have a quality, solid and well-studied link strategy, to avoid these types of sanctions that can negatively affect the organic results of your website.

At eStudio34 we create Link Building strategies to obtain quality and reliable links, always based on strict prerequisites and in compliance with Google´s guidelines.

Our approach

At eStudio34 we believe in the evolution of link building towards a quality content based approach were PR and creativity work hand in hand to secure genuine relationships between a brand and influencers in a niche.

The Spanish content market is much smaller than the English speaking meaning that some niches are particularly hard or expensive to secure. On a more positive note a lot of the more established publications are happy to explore the opportunities of link placement in exchange of quality content. It is because of these reasons and the social media amplification benefits that quality content is integrated to our strategies where ever possible.


Our link building methodology ensures that we acquire the highest quality links at the lowest cost. The link building team will identify link opportunities with independent websites and blogs that don’t belong to networks and have a minimum domain authority. Thereafter the team negotiates the compensation for the link placement on the clients behalf. Links can be built as “contextual links” or links that are part of a piece of relevant content with a minimum length and associated media like images and videos.

eStudio34 can produce the content as part of the service, alternatively if the client has the capacity and wants to make the most out of their budgets they can produce their own content

  • Target definition and link prospecting.
  • Link negotiation and acquisition.
  • Monthly link reports specifying links achieved, anchor text, and website source.
  • Monthly catch-up calls to review the progress of the activity and targets.


How will we measure success?

  • Increase keywords on the first page of search results.
  • Increase traffic to the pages optimised for these keywords.

At eStudio34 we carry out other more innovative link strategies which also offer excellent results, due to their creative and expansive aspects, as is the case with content marketing services.

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