Instagram Ads

Creativity is our weapon to stand out on the most inspirational and visual social network of all.

Impact your audience

Stand out with your ads on Instagram, the most widely used social network.

Instagram, the fastest growing social network today, is primarily image-based. Advertising on Instagram allows us to display our ads in the center of the visual inspiration, maintaining a linear but at the same time suggestive format.

Generate an impact on your audience

The content published on Instagram, images, videos and creative copy, has a great impact on users. At Estudio34 we help you create a campaign that will impress your target audience.

Be creative while generating a need

Creativity plays an essential role on Instagram paid ads. Given that it s a type of push marketing that does not respond to a user search, the ad must inspire or generate a need.

Inspire, drive action and convert

Instagram Ads campaigns encompass a variety of objectives, from branding ads focused on raising awareness of your brand or product, to conversion-oriented ads, i.e. sales for an ecommerce.

Define a full-funnel strategy

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, we will help you create a full-funnel strategy to segment users within the different steps of your conversion funnel and to define a profitable strategy for your business.

Impact your audience

An Instagram sponsored ads strategy based on creativity and analytics.

At Estudio34 we offer a 360º customised strategy based on your goals and the audience you want to impact. The segmentation of the audience is our secret weapon when it comes to the Instagram Ads.


Definition of the target audience on Instagram Ads

We will create an Instagram ad strategy adjusted to the specifications of your target audience. This way, we can make the projections of the audience we will reach as well as define the necessary budget.

All this taking into account the main goal of your campaign, whether it is to impact an audience that does not know you yet or to give information about a product and urge the users to buy it.


Selection of ad types

We will define the type of Instagram ads that are best suited to the objective of the campaign as well as the defined Instagram Ads strategy.

The ads we can use are: photo ads, Instagram video ads, sequence ads, Instagram carousel ads, story ads and collection ads (that tell a story integrating products and contexts).


Audience segmentation

Instagram campaigns and Facebook ads share the same configuration engine, which is why the possibilities of segmentation and targeting of our audience on Instagram are almost infinite.

There are seven different Instagram targeted ads options, which can be combined to achieve the best business results: location, interests, custom audiences, demographics, behaviour, similar audiences and automatic targeting.


Optimisation and results

As in any type of digital marketing strategy, Instagram ads have to be measured and analysed, in order to achieve the best optimisation and with it the best results.

We use reports to have maximum control over the ads on Instagram and to be able to optimise the campaigns according to their evolution.

Impact your audience


What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads or advertising on Instagram are ads based mainly on visual formats (images and videos) that usually have a great impact on the audience and help to achieve the objectives of your business either to raise brand awarness, increase the number of customers or conversions.

What ad formats are available on Instagram Ads?

The ad formats on Instagram Ads are very varied. We can work with image ads, image sequence or carousel, video ads, collection ads and/or Canva ads (to show a story or a story in a context to the user), all of them on the Instagram feed. In addition to these, we have Instagram Stories, another very poweful placement where we can advertise with image, video or sequence ads (we can use 3 images or videos of maximum 15 seconds in sequence).

How much are Instagram Ads?

The Instagram ads cost will depend a lot on the strategy and segmentation chosen. At Estudio34 we have a team of experts on how to create Instagram ads that will study your business objectives and will provide you with a customised strategy with measurable results.

What is the relationship between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads?

Back in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram. Since shortly after and with the integration of Facebook and Instagram through Business Manager (the platform you use to manage advertising on these social networks) we have the possibility to advertise and create campaigns on both platforms from the same place. It is also true that nowadays, when many businesses mention advertising on Facebook they mean both social networks as they are integrated under the same advertising platform.

What is the CTR of Instagram Ads?

It will depend a lot on the type of ad, the sector, the objective of the campaign and the creativity of the graphic material or text of the ad, among other things. It is true that within the two main placements on Instagram: the news feed usually has a higher CTR than ads shown in “stories” which are usually more visual although there is no clear pattern.

Why advertise on Instagram?

Instagram has become the social network of reference. Its users spend an average of 1 hour a day using this social network, which makes it a very interesting place to impact our target audience as well as to grow Instagram followers with ads. What is more, the possibilities of segmentation on the platform are almost infinite and the costs of advertising are low.