YouTube Advertising and YouTube Ads

Create your YouTube campaign and run your ads before or during a video, in YouTube search results or in videos from the display network partners

Connect with your audience

Capture your audience's attention with YouTube marketing campaigns

YouTube video ads assure our brand a very high visibility with budgets in line with our objectives and a very precise segmentation of the target audience.

Give visibility to your brand on the 2nd most important search engine

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It was acquired by Google in 2006 and is one of the most attractive social networks for digital advertising.

Harness the power of the video

On YouTube, with a tailored budget we can reach visibility equal or superior to TV ads. We can also target users by device (computers, mobiles, tablets and smart TV).

Segment your audience with great precision

The segmentations offered by YouTube Ads are broad and allow us to show the video ad to our target audience by: demographics, geographic, languages, interests, searches, specific videos, remarketing and more.

Take advantage of a pay-per-view model

The "TrueView" ad payment model offers an additional advantage: pay only for those users who have seen your ad.

Connect with your audience

Customised and goal-oriented YouTube Ads strategies

At Estudio34, our team of professional YouTube ad experts will study your business goals, create a customised strategy with measurable results and will proactively work to improve them.


Target audience definition

We define the target audience we want to impact with our ads, by specifying the scope we want to reach as well as the corresponding budget.

Depending on the demographic variety of our audience, we will create campaigns with different segmentations and the most accurate messages for each audience profile.


Selection of YouTube ad types

There are several YouTube ad formats. Depending on your budget and objectives, we will choose the most appropriate ones for your needs.

Among different types of YouTube ads, we can run the ad before a video, in search results, in recommended videos, etc. There are many possibilities!


Launch, monitor & optimise

We make sure that the initial configuration is correct. Once reviewed, we launch the campaign and we optimise it after getting the first results.

We share reports with the client on a regular basis to show the best perfoming ads and audiences.

Connect with your audience


What is YouTube Ads?

It is a YouTube service thanks to which you can show ads to potential customers and get them to perform specific actions when they do a search or play videos on that platform.

What kind of formats are there for YouTube ads?

Some of the most important are: In-Stream: they are played before another YouTube video, then after 5 seconds the user can choose whether to skip the ad or not. YouTube Discovery ads: they are shown together with other YouTube videos whose target audience is similar to the one used by the client. Bumper Ads: these are videos of a very short duration, their goal is to increase brand awareness.

How much do Youtube video ads cost?

There is no minimum budget to launch a YouTube campaign. In terms of cost per view, it is usually between £ 0.01 and £ 0.04, which makes it a very economical channel when it comes to generating visibility among a specific audience.

Why invest in YouTube advertising?

Besides offering a large number of segmentation options, it is a very suitable platform for generating brand awareness and/or bringing user´s attention to a product or service. If you are not sure where to start and how to get ads on YouTube, you can always count on a YouTube advertising agency like Estudio34.