Founded in 2005, Youtube has rapidly become the second biggest search engine of the world. With 3 billion searches and a billion unique users a month, it presents a growth of 100-hour video per minute. This statistics attracted Google who in 2006 bought the platform for $1.65B.

What do Youtube Ads have to offer?

Traditionally television has offered the opportunity to sell products and services through video format to large and varied audiences. TV has always had the big advantage to reach the masses, but it’s also been an expensive channel and measure its results has always been difficult.
Now Youtube allows us to keep using the video format with a similar or superior visibility, adjust the budgets in line with our goals and segment our target precisely.

Within the segmentation variables, we can choose demographics, geographic, languages, interests, searches, certain videos, remarketing and more. On top of all this, the ad payment method “TrueView” offers us another advantage: pay per view for videos that have ran more than 30 seconds.

Our Youtube Ads strategy:

We have a team of professional experts in Youtube adverts that will study your business goals creating a personalized strategy with measurable results that we will work on to improve.

Our strategies include the following steps:


Target definition

According to the clients target market, we will define the ads strategy, outlining the audience we want to reach and the required budget.


Ad format selection

Depending on where we want to display the videos and our budget, we’ll choose amongst different ad formats:

  • In-Stream: They are played before any other Youtube video and after 5 minutes the user can choose to skip the ad or not.
  • In-Slate: They are played before any other video that is up-to-10-minute. Users can choose between one of the three ads shown in the preview or play the video with the usual breaks.
  • In-Search: They are displayed on the top or right side of Youtube search results page.
  • In-Display: They are displayed with other Youtube videos whose target audience is similar to the one used by the client.


Launch, tracking and optimization

As with all our campaigns, we make sure that the initial setting is correct so we can assure a precise monitoring of the results. Once it’s tested, we launch the campaign and we optimize according to results. We will share the reports with the client regularly to show which ads are performing better and the general effectiveness of the campaign.