Twitter advertising: maximise your results

We help you promote your business with Twitter ads. We are specialists in creating and managing Twitter ads.

Engage your audience

We tell you how to advertise on Twitter with successful sponsored ad campaigns

Twitter users are more likely to interact with posts than other social networks. Take advantage of Twitter ads to achieve your business goals.

Targeted campaigns

Create Twitter advertising campaigns according to your goals: reach, video views, app downloads, followers acquisition, website clicks...

Unique targeting possibilities

Target your audience by demographics, events, keywords, interests, similarity with your followers or by the content of their everyday conversations.

Increase your visibility

According to the platform's own data, Twitter users spend 26% more time viewing ads on this social media than on other similar social networks.

Low competition and lower CPCs

It is currently not much used. This will allow you to stand out and have lower costs per campaign.

Engage your audience

Find out how to promote your business with Twitter advertising campaigns

We support you throughout the entire process, from strategy definition through implementation, optimisation and data collection to strategy evaluation.


We want to know everything about your company

It is essential for us to understand your business in detail: what is your business model and the margins of your services/products and what is your conversion funnel.

Based on this information, we will prepare a plan with an estimated budget, the types of campaigns you should activate and the most appropriate segmentations to reach your target audience.


Measure, measure and keep measuring...

Not only it is fundamental to plan a good advertising strategy, but it is also essential to correctly measure what the user does after clicking on a Twitter ad and landing on your website.

We handle the technical implementations that are necessary to correctly track all valuable user actions. Our goal is that you can determine exactly the return on advertising investment for your business.


Launching Twitter Ads campaigns

Once we know who we are targeting, our objectives and we make sure we are measuring the traffic correctly, we just need to create the campaigns and, once they are ready, activate them so that they can be displayed.

We focus on three key factors: targeting, competitive bidding strategies and creative ads with messages tailored to the audience.


Ongoing analysis and suggesting improvements

Once the campaigns have been launched, we analyse the metrics, detect areas for improvement and test new functionalities to optimise results.

You will also have access to our automated reports, and you will be able to check the progress of your campaigns in real time. You will always have up-to-date information on the performance of your Twitter ad investment.

Engage your audience


How do Twitter ads work?

The way Twitter ads work is based on various targeting methods such as demographics, interests, followed accounts or the content shared by the users in their conversations. The goals is to show them content that may be relevant.

What do I have to do to advertise on Twitter?

All you need to run your Twitter Ads campaigns is to have a profile on the social network, create an advertising account and add a payment method. Then you can start creating your Twitter campaigns and ads.

What types of ads exist on Twitter?

There are three main types of ads on Twitter Ads:
– Sponsored tweets: promote organic tweets or create one exclusively for campaigns. They are limited to 280 characters and can be combined with images, GIFs or videos.
– Sponsored accounts: aimed at giving more visibility to a Twitter account and increasing its number of followers.
– Sponsored trends: promote a specific hashtag linked to your brand. With this type of ad you can place it at the top of the list of trends and generate a conversation about it.

How much does a Twitter Ads campaign cost?

There is no minimum budget to start advertising on Twitter. You can adjust the daily budget of your campaigns according to your needs and increase or reduce it at any time. You will always have control over the investment you make in this platform.

What types of targeting can I use in Twitter Ads campaigns?

There are several ways to reach your target audience with Twitter Ads:
– Targeting by demographics: location, language, device and platform, age or gender.
– Targeting by audience type: conversations, events, interaction with your Tweets, keywords, movies and TV shows, interests or similarity to your followers
– Targeting by your audiences: followers and custom audiences (user lists, app and web activity).
These segmentations can be combined together, so you can reach the most appropriate audience.