Google Ads Display Campaigns

Generate more awareness and outreach or give your conversion funnel a boost with customised display campaigns.

Get more conversions

Customised display strategies to convert more

Display Network is ideal for new users to discover your brand from a more graphic point of view, as the ads are images or banners. We design your campaigns according to your objectives and the behavioural data of the users on your website.

I want the campaign image to match my brand

We go far beyond a simple banner. We think about the best creative, ad format and message to engage your audience.

I want to attract new customers and reach a larger volume of users

With advertising in Display you will get the attention of users at a very early stage in the purchase cycle, even before they start looking for what you offer.

I want to test new ad formats on the display network

Reach potential customers with image, dynamic or animated ads on various Google properties such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Discover and more.

I want to boost my conversion funnel with remarketing

We define the different steps of your conversion funnel to design a customised remarketing strategy that will help you achieve the desired results.

Get more conversions

Display advertising solutions that will help you maximise your return on investment

To run effective display campaigns, keep in mind the different stages of the conversion funnel: from the discovery phase, to promote your brand name, to direct sales and membership of your customers.


Defining your goals

Tell us what goals you want to achieve with your display advertising campaigns so we can help you choose the best ad format, bidding strategy and target the right audience.

Based on these goals, we will define a strategy to make the return on your advertising investment profitable, either by increasing brand awareness, getting quality traffic or leading to a final sale.


Strategy and segmentation

We develop a display campaign strategy identifying who you want to impact with your ads and where: locations, website categories and audiences relevant to the product/service.

We start from the most basic segmentations, such as predefined categories or interests, to more elaborate ones, such as customised audiences with purchase intent or segments for remarketing campaigns.


Setting up display campaigns

We create the campaigns, making sure that the setup is correct and that the structure allows us to manage bids and budgets efficiently.

At the same time we also take advantage of the automatic solutions that Google and other providers offer us in terms of adaptive ads, automatic bidding strategies or intelligent display campaigns.


Analysis and performance

In Display and also in Search or Shopping advertising, it is essential to analyse the performance of campaigns in order to achieve the expected results.

We monitor results and optimise campaigns on an ongoing basis: we review selected targeting and ad copies, change bids and move budgets to achieve the expected performance agreed with you.

Get more conversions



    Where do your ads on Google display appear and to whom?

    Google Display ads are shown on websites that are part of the Google Display network. In addition, there are multiple targeting options that the advertiser can use to refine the target audience, some of them are:

    – Remarketing audiences: users who have visited the website before.

    – Market audiences: users who are searching for a certain type of product or service on the Internet.

    – Affinity audiences: users who have shown interest in certain topics or content through their web browsing.

    – Customised intent audiences: users who are searching for certain keywords or who have visited certain web pages.

    – Audiences by demographics: users by gender, age, marital and/or parental status, level of education, etc.

    – Devices: we show ads based on the type of device (mobile, tablet, computer, Smart TV).

    – Placements: we show our ads on specific websites, videos or YouTube channels and apps.

    – Categories: we show ads on websites, blogs and apps for specific topics.

    – Placements: we show our ads on specific websites, YouTube videos or channels and apps.

    How do extensions work in display ads?

    In Google display ads, it is possible to add location extensions. These allow us to promote our physical shops and use online advertising to attract users to our shops.

    Why isn't my ad running on Adwords display?

    There can be multiple reasons. The most common are the following:

    – The audience you are targeting is too limited.

    – Ads have been rejected due to policy violations.

    How does dynamic remarketing work?

    Dynamic remarketing allows us to show the user customised ads based on the products they have seen on the advertiser’s website. In this way, we can show the user highly relevant content that usually has a good conversion rate.