Nowadays, the Display Network is an integral part of any SEM strategy, which can not be disregard. Is about ads in “banner” format (static or animated images) that are published on third-party websites, which may belong to multiple platforms of ad net-works.

In eStudio34 we offer all kinds of display advertising solutions to help your business in different phases of the conversion funnel: from the discovery phase to promote the name of the brand, to direct sales and the affiliation of their final customers, to max-imise return on investment.

Our methodology:


Definition of objectives

As with any other advertising channel, we begin by clarifying with our clients what goals they need to achieve with their display marketing campaigns.


Strategy and segmentation

We develop our strategies by identifying who we want to impact with our ads and where: locations, categories of websites and relevant audiences to the selected prod-uct or service.
We begin with the most basic segmentations such as predefined categories or inter-ests, until we reach the most elaborate ones, such as customised audiences with more or less strong purchase intentions, or segments for remarketing campaigns ac-cording to the users behaviour on the website of our client.


Campaign Settings

We create campaigns, making sure that the configuration is correct and that the structure allows us to manage bids and budgets in an efficient way.


Analysis and performance

Both Display and Search Advertising or Shopping, are essential to analyse the perfor-mance of the campaigns to reach and exceed the expected results.
In our team we monitor the results and continuously optimize our campaigns: we re-view the selected segmentations, the creatives, we change bids and move budgets.
At the same time, we like to take advantage of automatic solutions that Google and other suppliers are providing us, such as the Smart Display Campaigns. Even so, it is still essential monitoring to achieve the expected performance previously agreed with the client

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a type of campaign that allows us to target ads to users who have al-ready visited an advertiser’s website. In the case of remarketing for display, we can show the user the displayed product and other similar products. This helps us increase the conversion rate of previous visits and thus the efficiency of a campaign.

Would you like to know more about the opportunities that display marketing cam-paigns can bring to your business? Do not hesitate to contact us!