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Migrate your website without losing SEO positioning and traffic you have now.

Keep your SEO Rankings

As an SEO agency, we follow you step by step in your website migration

Are you going to update your website? If you are going to change your domain, change the architecture or the syntax of your URLs, etc. you need to carry out a methodical and controlled SEO migration. This will avoid a significant loss of Google rankings and organic traffic.

I don't want to drop my SEO ranking

Every website migration can be risky. At Estudio34 we help you to minimise traffic and SEO positioning drop with a strong methodology.

I want an expert SEO migration agency

We have done successful SEO migrations for a wide range of companies in a variety of industries. Practice makes perfect and we have plenty of it!

I want quality and results

We adjust to your needs and those of your technical team to ensure good coordination. In addition, we offer a clear procedure from day one to ensure a successful migration.

I want a team with experience in various types of migration

Change domain, switch from http to https, change site content management system, modify your URLs architecture... There's no challenge we can't take on!

Keep your SEO Rankings

The key to migrate without losing SEO positioning: the methodology

We have improved our SEO migration methodology over years of experience. We do a pre-migration audit, coordinate with the technical team and monitor every detail.


Pre SEO Migration Phase

We carry out a basic SEO audit prior to web migration, looking for issues and improvements that need to be addressed. We back up all relevant data, prepare redirects, and coordinate with your technical team. Every detail matters!

We carry out an organic traffic and positioning report to have a clear picture of the state of the website prior to the migration and thus measure its evolution.


Web migration day

We coordinate with your technical team during the launch. We ensure that redirects are applied correctly and monitor any technical issues.

We monitor any errors that may occur and validate new URLs, internal links, canonical tags, etc. We indicate the domain change to Google.


Post-Migration SEO Phase

It is essentially a monitoring phase. After having migrated the website, we ensure that no new problems occur and monitor SEO visibility.

We monitor Google rankings, general traffic and organic traffic in particular and 400 errors. We provide a comparative report to monitor the evolution and advise the client according to the situation.


Final report

After several weeks of monitoring, we provide a final report that puts the evolution of traffic and positioning into perspective in order to assess the final result of the migration.

In short, it is a task that combines coordination, technical skills and detailed monitoring.

Keep your SEO Rankings


    FAQs about Site Migrations

    What is a website migration in SEO?

    SEO migration is a technical process that a website goes through when a significant change is made in areas that directly affect the visibility or organic positioning in search engines.

    Why do an SEO migration?

    Because otherwise your website risks losing its SEO visibility and, therefore, its organic traffic. There are many technical points that play a crucial role in maintaining positioning and traffic in a migration and they must all be controlled with expertise.

    How many types of SEO migrations are there?

    Among the significant changes that can affect a website and its positioning, the most common types of web migrations are: change of domain, change from http to https, merging several websites of a company into one, migrating to a new platform or updating it, changing the architecture of the website, content modifications (adding and removing pages to the website), design and UX changes.

    How to change my website without losing SEO positioning?

    By following an effective methodology that takes into account every detail. At Estudio34 we divide the process into several checks before, during and after the migration.

    • Before the migration: technical review, backup of relevant data (complete crawl), backup of files and FTP, preparation of redirections, traffic report and complete positioning.
    • During the migration: ensure the redirects work, technical review and error detection, indicate the domain change to Google.
    • After the migration: monitor traffic and positioning, being alert to problems, validate the success of the migration.