Social media offers an excellent opportunity to reach our target market in the digital space were increasingly users spend more time. Nowadays most of the social networks allow us to display ads in their platforms, this is what we call “social media marketing” (SMM).

What makes this online advertising channel more appealing is the information that the social media has of their users. As advertisers we can use this data to display accurately our ads to our target audience.

Our social media marketing strategies can be applied to increase our community or lead the traffic from a social network to our websites/aps.

Our Social Media Marketing strategies:

  • Goals: Initially, we set the goals of the ads and how they would be combined with other channels.
  • Channels: Depending on the client’s product/service and the digital assets that can be used, we will recommend the most appropriate social platforms.
  • Budget: Where possible we will suggest the budget in order to achieve the established objectives.
  • Campaign launch: Following the campaign results and progress we will optimize and report on results.
  • Maintenance & Tracking: We will create the campaigns considering the target audience and we will set it so we can see conversions in all its formats.

The social media we work with:


Facebook Ads

Indisputably the most popular social network; it allows us to link the ads to Facebook pages and to the advertiser’s website. The main advantage of these ads is the wide audience it reaches and also its segmentation based in a broad range of interests (likes) besides gender, age, country, etc.


Youtube Ads

Considered as the second biggest search engine in the world, it also allows us to manage ads to Youtube channels or to the advertiser’s website. Besides the high volume of visits, it also offers us the option to advertise through the video format. With a range of possibilities and a logic similar to Adwords, the “TrueView” ad format will only charge us for the videos that are viewed for more than 30 seconds. According to our settings we will be able to show the video in the search results, before another video or next to the suggestions. In case that the videos are not provided, the platform also offers us a series of options with banner ads in Display format.


LinkedIn Ads

This is the most appropriate platform to reach B2B and probably the social media platform that offers the most thorough segmentation. Using a similar model to Adwords CPC, the high degree of targeting refinement will allow us to choose from demographics  such as: gender, age, location, industry, profession, years of experience, function, etc.

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