Campaigns and Advertising in Google Ads (Adwords)

We offer innovative solutions for paid advertising with wide experience in different sectors.

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Estudio34 is an agency with experience in Google Ads (Adwords).

Our strategies in Google Ads allow you to advertise on Google instantly generating immediate traffic. As a Google Ads agency in Barcelona, we ensure that your campaign is optimised from the beginning, achieving the maximum return from day one.

SEM experts

Our agency is specialised in SEM, that is, in Google Ads (formerly AdWords). We are an international team, digital native, with great analytical and creative skills. We make a difference.

Increase experience in various sectors

We have been delivering innovative and effective paid advertising strategies for a variety of competitive sectors such as retail, education and real estate for years.

We are official Google Partners

We are in direct contact with Google managers to whom we can ask questions and request priority access to new Google Ads functionalities.

We increase your conversion rate

As the campaign progresses, our goal will be to reduce the cost per click and increase the conversion rate of campaigns to improve your return on investment.

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An effective methodology to create a campaign in Google Ads.

In Estudio34 we follow some specific steps when we create a campaign in Google Ads. These steps are key to reducing cost per click and increasing the sales or leads of our campaigns.


Google Ads account and web analysis

If the client has already created campaigns in Google Ads before, we carry out a detailed audit to detect areas of improvement.

We also analyse the website structure, the conversion funnel and check if the conversions have been correctly tracked.


Market comparison

It is essential to review online actions that competitors are taking to detect business and growth opportunities.

To do so, we will carry out a market analysis and a keyword analysis, to calculate the average CPC and the most profitable and competitive keywords for your company.


Strategy and creation of the Pay Per Click campaign

Once the right keywords for your business are identified, we will proceed to create the structure of the campaigns and plan the investment.

It includes categorisation of keywords (AdGroups), writing ad text, selection of landing pages, adjustment of CPCs and budgets, geo targeting and conversion tracking.


Testing and activation of your Google Ads account

During the first few days, the campaign will operate in a test mode that will allow us to identify the best performing campaigns, keywords, ads, and landing pages.

Once identified, we review CPCs and budget bids again to make the most of the investment and suggest improvement actions to scale results.


Remarketing strategy

To get the most out of your Google Ads campaign, the final key is remarketing. It allows us to have an impact on users who have previously visited your website but did not convert.

We create remarketing lists with users who have performed a valuable action on your website and we launch the campaign according to your goals.

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    What is Google Ads?

    Formerly known as Adwords, Google Ads is a Google service and platform that allows you to show ads to users who are looking for services or products similar to the ones your business offers. It works on Google Search, YouTube, and other websites.

    Why run a campaign on Google Ads?

    Google Ads is a platform that offers multiple advantages to advertisers. First of all, there is no minimum investment required to start advertising, which allows working with budgets adapted to the possibilities of each business. In addition, Google offers multiple and powerful segmentation and audiences options to reach a specific target (keywords, geographic segmentation, by age, by sex …).

    Finally, being a platform based on the pay per click (PPC) model, the advertiser only pays when a user actually interacts with the ad.

    What types of ads can I create in Google Ads?

    Google Ads keeps adding new ad formats every year, but there are 4 main types of ads that are usually the most used by advertisers:

    • Search ads campaigns: text ads that are displayed on Google results pages when users perform a search related to keywords selected by the advertiser.
    • Display Network campaigns: image ads, shown on websites or apps that are part of the Google Ads Display network.
    • Shopping campaigns: they allow showing information about a product (image, price, business name) on the Google search results page.
    • Video campaigns: video ads that are shown on YouTube just before or during the viewing of video content.
    Which platforms can Google Ads users use to advertise?

    Google Ads ads appear in search results on Google, Google Play, Google Shopping, and Google Maps. They also appear on the Google Display Network, a set of websites, apps and mobile websites, such as a news website or Gmail. With Google Ads you can also display ads on YouTube.

    What is remarketing?

    Remarketing is a Google Ads tool used to show our advertisement to users who have previously visited our website on third-party websites that belong to the Google display network. With online stores, it allows us to show the products that users saw during their visit. It helps to increase the conversion rate since they are highly relevant ads for users. The charging model is similar to text (pay per click) in which you only pay per visit.