Facebook Ads - Management Services

Reach your future customers using Facebook and display your ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

Impact your audience

Show your ads to an audience compatible with your products or services.

What makes Facebook Ads particularly attractive to advertisers it’s its ability to segment ads by location, age, gender, languages, and most importantly, a wide range of interests, browsing behaviour, and other demographics.

Create campaigns with specific goals

Facebook Ads allows you to create campaigns in line with your business goals: conversions, web traffic, reach, likes on the Fan Page, interaction with the content...

Reach users that are similar to your current customers

This powerful Facebook ad targeting tool allows you to create audiences whose profiles are similar to those of your most valuable users so you can grow your business.

Run your ads in multiple placements

By using Facebook Ads platform we can display our ads on both Facebook and Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

Reach your target audience

On average, users spend on social networks one hour and a half a day. Facebook Ads, as a part of a Facebook Ad campaign, allows us to reach that audience thanks to multiple placements.

Impact your audience

We create personalised Facebook advertising strategies with measurable results

At Estudio34 we are an expert Facebook Ads agency, our team will study your business goals, create a personalised strategy with measurable results and proactively work to improve them.


Definition of the target audience

With the specifications regarding your target audience in mind, we will outline the strategy of your Facebook Business ads campaign, by defining the targeted audience reach as well as the necessary budgets.
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In addition to attracting new users, we can work on remarketing strategies by: impacting users who interacted with your content on Facebook or Instagram, users who have visited your website or users from your databases.


Selection of campaign goals

- Conversion: Facebooks conversion ads are designed to encourage users to take specific actions like making a purchase, etc.
- Lead generation: with lead generation Facebook ads, you can get a large volume of leads by using forms integrated in the ad.
- App downloads: promote your app and get more app downloads.
- Catalogue sales: show your products and get more sales.
- Business traffic: boost visits to your physical stores.


Facebooks ads design

After having analysed the competitors´strategies, we work with our clients' marketing team in order to create original ads, with high levels of interaction and conversion.

There are several Facebook Ad formats available: Facebook video ads, image, Facebook carousel ads, canvas, stories... We test different content options and creative formats in order to find the winning combination.


Launch, monitor & optimise

In all of our campaigns, we make sure that the initial configuration is correct in order to guarantee accurate results tracking. Once tested, the campaign is launched and once the first set of data is obtained, we optimise the campaign accordingly.

Impact your audience


What kind of audience is Facebook for?

Its audience is very heterogeneous among all ages. In recent years and with the rise of Instagram among the youngest, Facebook seems to have a greater impact on an older audience, between 35 and 65 years old.

Why advertise on Facebook?

The Facebook Ads advertising platform gives us the possibility to advertise not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram, the Audience Network’s network of websites and locations, as well as on the Messenger messaging or chat platform.

Is there a minimum budget for Facebook Ads for e-commerce and other businesses?

The budget will depend a lot on the strategy and segmentation chosen. As a Facebook Advertising Agency, at Estudio34 we count on a team of experts in Facebook Ads that will study your business goals and will provide you with a customised strategy with measurable results.

What types of campaigns can I run on Facebook?

When using the Facebook advertising platform you can have different business objectives:
– Awarness: campaigns in which the objective is to maximise the audience reach and to improve brand awarness.
– Consideration: Qualified traffic acquisition, app downloads, video views, lead generation, engagement generation, page “”likes””, promotion of Facebook events or WhatsApp or Messenger messages to your business.
– Conversion: website conversions, selling products from your catalogue or boosting visits to your physical store.

What types of ads are there on Facebook?

The main Facebook Ads formats are:
– Video: tell a story or promote your product or service in an impactful way.
– Images: promote your brand with high-quality images that illustrate your value proposition.
– Stories: Only available on mobile devices. These are full screen images or videos.
– Collection: with this format you will be able to show sets of products in full screen with a fast loading experience.
– Sequence: show up to 10 images that tell a story, highlight your best-selling products or explain the features of your services.