Over the last two years, SEO has turned more specialized than it used to be. While the “World Wide Web” has been expanding, Google has made his algorithms more sophisticated in order to present more and better results.
Nor just that, it has also introduced new algorithms such as Google Panda which not just filters “farm” content, but also causes indexing problems in webpages with duplicated content (more common than one might think).
As a consequence, website optimization is now more complex, however it also allows referencing web content in a more sophisticated ways to help Google index and understand websites better.

In many cases, if the techniques used to distinguish different content are not applied well, it can result in a bad indexation of large parts of a website that consequently are invisible to a search engine.

Our SEO Audits:

Aim to “open up” all parts of a website to a search engine so all content is index by Google and therefore increases our SEO potential. The process consists of a technical audit, a report and an implementation review.


Technical Audit

We examine different aspects of a website such as:

  • Navigation and web structure
  • URLs structure
  • Duplicate content problems
  • Language and currency implementations
  • Pagination problems
  • Image indexation
  • Video indexation
  • Sitemaps structure
  • Webmaster tools set-up
  • 301 redirection history
  • Use of markup
  • Website speed and code efficiency



Once the analysis is completed we create a report in which we:

  • Identify all the problems
  • Prioritise problems by order of SEO potential benefits
  • Propose solutions for each issue



Here is where any other SEO agency would leave it at but not in eStudio34! We will work with your developers in order to answer any question they might have with the proposed solutions and we will review their final implementation to make sure that everything is done correctly.

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