Advanced Web Analytics

Collect and interpret data properly to make the right decisions and manage your digital business correctly.

Interpret your data correctly

We transform data into valuable information for your business

Web analytics has its fundamental purpose in a question that looks easy: what do users do when they land on your website? A question that very few companies know how to answer with numbers, data and accuracy.

I want reliable data

If you think data is not entirely accurate or real and you don't know why or how to fix it, a web analytics audit will help you understand.

I want to interpret my data correctly

If you do not know which KPIs are relevant to achieve your business objectives (or how to implement them), you need to define a web measurement methodology.

I want to share data and speed up decision-making process

If you want to speed up your decision-making process, you need customised reports. We can help you plan and develop dashboards.

I want to make the most of big data

If you need to analyse high-volume data to understand your customer lifecycle, we can help you by applying the right kind of analysis.

Interpret your data correctly

Web analytics is the basis of all business strategy

At Estudio34 we are experts in web analytics. We love data. We like to interpret it and study it… Because we are aware that they are the basis of any business strategy. Therefore, our process is meticulous and is made up of the following phases:


Web analytics audit

We make sure that Google Analytics is properly set up. To do this, we perform an audit with more than 50 checks that handle 5 major blocks: code, configuration, data integrity, measurement and conversions.

In addition, in this phase we identify the business goals and clearly define which micro and macro conversions are relevant to achieve the objectives.



At Estudio34 we not only advise, but also accompany you throughout the entire labelling process. We help to implement the most appropriate technical solution and verify that the data collection is correct.

Moreover, thanks to our expertise in Google Tag Manager, if required, we prepare the necessary code to collect all kinds of data in order to send it to the numerous tools (Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook...) with maximum autonomy.


Customised web analytics reports

Many analytical agencies go directly to this phase, we work on the reports after the web analysis discussed above.

We create customised reports with the aim of detecting business opportunities. To do this, we use numerous web analytics tools: data mining, programming, analysis and visualisation.

Interpret your data correctly


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    Advanced Web Analytics

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    Advanced Web Analytics

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    What is web analytics for?

    Every website usually has one main goal: to sell or get quality leads. Nowadays, it is not enough to know if you sell a lot or a little, the important thing is to know why, and above all, what you can do to sell more. This is where web analytics comes into play.

    What is web analytics?

    Web analytics refers to the discipline of digital marketing that deals with the extraction and analysis of data. The ultimate goal of this discipline is to ensure that data is collected correctly and, based on the data, create dashboards to help in decision making.

    What tools do we use in web analytics?

    There are numerous tools. Possibly the best known is Google Analytics. Although, at Estudio34 we use data extraction, programming, analysis and visualisation tools such as R, Data Studio, Supermetrics…

    What kind of checks do you carry out in a web analytics audit?

    Among other things, we ask ourselves whether…

    *Google Analytics code is inserted in all the pages.

    *The filters correctly configured.

    *The campaigns are correctly tagged.

    *The traffic is grouped correctly in the different channels.

    *Conversion funnels are correctly configured.

    *There are discrepancies between sales data provided by Google Analytics and those provided by the back office.