Every webpage usually has an important goal: to sell.
Although, nowadays, it is not enough to know if sells are high or low, the important thing is to know why, and above all, what can be done to sell more.
This is where analytics comes into play.
Web analytics has its reasons for being a seemingly simple question:

What do users do when they land on the website? A question that very few companies know how to respond with numbers, data and accuracy.

In estudio34 we are experts in digital analytics. We love data! We like to interpret them, study them, eviscerate them… since we are aware that they are the base of all business strategies. Therefore, our process is thorough and has the following phases:


Analytics audit

During this phase we make sure that Google Analytics is correctly configured. To do this we perform an audit with more than 50 checks that handle 5 large blocks: code, configuration, data integrity, measurement and conversions.
Among other things we ask if …

  • The Google Analytics code is inserted in all the pages.
  • The filters are correctly configured.
  • They are well-labeled campaigns.
  • Traffic is grouped correctly in the different channels.
  • Conversion funnels are correctly configured.
  • There are discrepancies between the sales data provided by Google Analytics and those provided by the back office.

In addition, in this phase we clearly define which micro and macro conversions are important for the business, and we define the data layers necessary to use with Google Tag Manager. This way we can collect all types of data with the purpose of sending them to the numerous tools (Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook…).
For example, with these data layers, we can know what filters are used the most by users to how many users change the colour of a garment before buying it… Everything can be analysed!


Q & A

In estudio34 we not only do counselling, but we also join the entire labelling process. Being experts in Google Tag Manager, we ourselves prepare the code of the data layers for your IT team to implement it. And, obviously, once the data layers are incorporated into the website, we guarantee that everything is well implemented.



Many analytical agencies go directly to this phase, we get here only after doing the web analysis we previously commented.

This is where we squeeze all our potential. We create customised reports with the purpose of detecting business opportunities. To do this, we make use of numerous web analytic tools: data extraction, programming, analysis and visualisation.