SEM Campaigns - Internet Advertising

As a PPC agency in Barcelona, we create 100% customised strategies based on our client's needs.

Monetise your campaigns

Customised SEM strategies

There is an increasing number of channels, audiences and qualified users to target with online advertising. At Estudio34 we make sure we reach the audience you are interested in.

We create SEM campaigns based on clear objectives and defined KPIs

We set goals and consider how we can achieve them as cost-effectively as possible.

We advise which channels are best suited to your business

Depending on the needs and characteristics of your business, we suggest strategies with the most appropriate advertising platforms to achieve your goals.

Set the budget to achieve your goals

Thanks to years of experience as an SEM agency, we will be able to recommend budgets to achieve your goals, always using approximations.

Reach your target audience

We work with the audiences and targeting methods available to reach a highly qualified audience.

Keep your campaigns optimised and up to date

We optimise SEM campaigns regularly, provide follow-up reports and suggest constant solutions to adjust the strategy.

We are Official Google Partners

We have direct support of our Google account managers who inform us of all the latest news and have priority access to new features.

Monetise your campaigns

We work with SEM channels: Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Programmatic Ads, Apps campaigns, Social Ads

Since Google launched its Adwords (now Google Ads) advertising platform in 2000, the digital landscape has changed dramatically. Google Ads has been evolving and offering more and more types of campaigns. Social platforms have started to play an essential role in SEM strategies and display campaigns, programmatic and RTB (real time bidding) have become even more important.


Google Ads search campaigns

We create personalised strategies with clear objectives. We establish maximum acquisition costs which we aspire to reach. We carry out a keyword study to determine search volumes, CPCs and keyword relevance.

We give great importance to the configuration of the monitoring to be able to measure results, optimise it efficiently, as well as offering transparency to our clients.


Google Shopping Campaigns

If you have an e-commerce, displaying ads in Shopping results is essential. Not only they are attractive, but they are often cheaper than conventional ads. Google Shopping ads are managed through Google Merchant platform.

It is essential to have competitive prices and a product catalogue feed that can be integrated with Shopping. In case you don't have it, Estudio34 can create it and identify the most competitive products with a market price study.


Remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is an ideal tool to increase conversion rates and reduce the acquisition costs of a Google Ads strategy.

Digital advertising campaigns allow us to show ads to users who have already visited our website on third-party websites belonging to the Google display network.


Apps campaigns

The universal app campaigns (UACs) allow to reach more users by promoting your apps on Google's most popular properties such as Search and Display network, Google Play and YouTube.

The platform itself is responsible for creating the ads based on the elements of your app shopping listing that has been previously optimised. In addition, they can be combined with UAC campaigns on other platforms such as Facebook Ads to cover more market.

Monetise your campaigns



    What is SEM?

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing) includes all marketing actions aimed at improving search engine positioning. Currently, it is mainly used to refer to paid campaigns that allow you to advertise in search results.

    What does PPC mean in marketing?

    PPC stands for pay per click. It is a digital advertising model in which the advertiser only pays for the clicks their ad receives. This advertising is displayed on other websites or search engines, so that every time a user clicks on the ad they will be directed to the advertiser’s website.

    What is the difference between SEM and PPC?

    While SEM traditionally refers to paid campaigns that allow positioning on search engine pages, the term PPC refers to paid advertising actions on various channels in a more generic way. These can be campaigns on search engines, display networks (on websites) or social platforms for example. Nowadays in Spain many people talk interchangeably about SEM or PPC, referring to paid digital marketing campaigns.

    How much does a SEM campaign cost?

    It depends on the goals you want to achieve and your budget. On Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads there is no daily investment limit or it is very little (€1 per day). Other platforms such as LinkedIn Ads have a minimum daily investment of €10. We would recommend a minimum investment of €2,000 per month to be able to start getting good results, but it also depends on the field and type of business.

    What are the benefits of creating an SEM campaign for my business?

    These are some of the many benefits you can get with SEM campaigns:

    • Flexibility in the budget according to your goals and budget
    • Increased visibility and traffic to your website
    • Fast improved positioning *Broad targeting options