At eStudio34 we are experts in multilingual SEO and specialise in the Spanish speaking markets. With a multilingual team based in Barcelona we have over 7 year experience delivering international SEO strategies to both Bluechip companies and SMEs.

We have ample experience helping businesses expand in to European countries such as: Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal.

Our Key USPs:

Our team is our main strength since it is composed of senior online marketers with:

  • 7+ years experience in online marketing
  • Multilingual capabilities (Spanish/Catalan/English/German/Italian/French)
  • Thorough knowledge of the UK/US/Spanish search landscape
  • Previous experience delivering strategies in the main European countries & US
How we do it:

The approach we will take depends on how far down you are with your international venture. In other words, if you have already launched your site in the targeted territory/language or if you haven’t.


Country Competitor Analysis

With our local SEO services, eStudio34s country experts can tell you all about your online competition prior to entering a market. We will provide you with:

  • A SWOT analysis of your key local competitors
  • The size of the demand for your products in the local digital space
  • Roadmap for your international strategy
  • Key competitor intelligence that can be used for keyword selection



International SEO Audit

When engaging in a multilingual strategy, different technical areas have to be considered to avoid poor indexation in local search engines. Because of this we conduct a thorough SEO international audit in which we review areas like:

  • Domain use for international purposes
  • Use of IP redirects
  • Use of “splash pages” for country selections
  • hreflang implementation
  • Language site map implementation
  • Potential duplicate content issues


Keyword Analysis

Translating keywords directly from the “mother tongue” campaign tends to dilute results and miss opportunities. Our strategies will offer a:

  • Native speaking consultants with understanding of the target market
  • The best local keyword for your business
  • Key seasonality factors that may affect the campaign

We analyze and identify which keywords have more traffic in your sector in addition to their degree of competence. Finally, after analyzing your website and its possibilities, we provide you with a list of possible keywords to select altogether with a strategy to follow that we agree with you.


Onpage Optimisation

  • Create metadata in local languages
  • Optimise key landing pages


Local Link Building / Digital PR


Centralised Reporting

We coordinate all of your global campaigns under one roof and report in a centralised manor. This unified approach means strategies can be shared across countries while having a single point of contact at eStudio34 your account manager. This perhaps is the key factor for larger organisations with multinational presence were centralised communication is essential for successful campaigns.

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