The crux of content marketing lies in understanding exactly which are your potential customers needs and what do they want to learn more about, to then be able to strategically place this content so its perceived as valuable rather than promotional . In contrast to promotional advertising, content marketing creates and delivers content with the purpose of attracting the public to a certain brand to connect and create loyalty.

Therefore, the key to content marketing is to create unique and relevant content for our target market and spread it strategically in the digital space to increase interest, engagement and achieve an amplification effect.

As a content marketing agency, we create marketing strategies with original and relevant content, also referred to as link baiting, which awakes the interest of digital media.

With this, not only will you attract traffic into your website but also high-quality links, this will positively impact the ranking of your website.

Link Baiting is an effective way of attracting links into your website with the side benefit of viral marketing.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Traditional advertising uses push marketing techniques were a target market is shown an ad regardless of their interest.  This techniques although reaching the masses are usually more expensive due to the scattergun approach that requires persistence and repetition to  achieve  results. In contrast content marketing uses a “pull marketing” technique to deliver valuable information to an audience, who we already know are interested in a particular subject.

The loyalty that is then created results in brand ambassadors; individuals who will help us to share our message and reach this digital amplification effect that will maximize the campaign’s  success.


A lot of people think that social media is just a channel to distribute content, but we integrate it in the strategy from the beginning. The digital space provides us with a lot of information of our target market and social networks can tell us particularly who talks about what and who participates in a conversation and has more influence.

Applying our social profiling method, we use social media to identify:

  • Who is part of a conversation
  • Who has more influence amongst all (whom we have to impress)
  • Which topics seem to be the most shared
  • Which format is the most shared (reports, articles, videos, images)
  • Which are the sources of this content (webs, blogs, digital magazines, newspapers, etc.)

Why our strategies are better

The information that the social profiling provides, allows us to design a really specific content strategy that goes further than the simple analysis of online conversations.

Where many content marketing strategies fail is on the distribution side, in other words, on the creation of quality content that’s never shared enough to reach the amplification that justifies the initial investment. Besides that, when the strategies are that “creative” it also might be difficult to measure the results of the strategy.

With our strategies

  • We analyse precisely how the content is shared since the beginning in order to reply this distribution and get to publish on the right digital media such as blogs, newspapers or magazines
  • We adapt the content not only to the target market, but also to the posts and feedback responses that it generates
  • Measuring the success of a campaign is really important, this is why our strategies are combined with other channels such as SEO measure ROI.

There are other more conservative link strategies but not less effective, as it is the case with our international link building services.

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