SEO Positioning Spain & Multilingual Strategies

As an SEO agency in Barcelona we offer innovative international SEO solutions.

Increase your organic traffic

We optimise your website to increase traffic and organic conversions.

Our SEO services consist of optimising your website to improve its organic positioning in search engines in international markets, the UK/US/Spanish landscape.

Technical SEO experts

In many cases, technical problems prevent a website from ranking in search engines. To understand the problems and their possible solutions we must conduct a technical SEO audit.

Effective keyword strategies

Keyword analysis is one of the pillars of a digital strategy, as it drives goals and possible results. We offer native speaking consultants with understanding of the target market.

SEO linkbuilding

We create strategies to increase incoming links from third-party websites to the client's website in order to grow SEO visibility.

Real goals monitoring

How will we measure progress? We track strategic keyword rankings, the organic traffic they provide and the conversions achieved.

Multilingual capabilities

A team with 7+ years experience in online marketing that speaks Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Italian, French.

Thorough knowledge of the UK/US/Spanish search landscape

We have ample experience helping businesses expand in to European countries such as: Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal, and the US.

Increase your organic traffic

Our own methodology to increase SEO rankings and conversions in multiple markets

We work with our own methodology that ensures that we improve your search engine positioning in a progressive and organised way, based on clear objectives.


International SEO site audit

Goals: detect technical problems and implement solutions. When engaging in a multilingual strategy, different technical areas have to be considered to avoid poor indexation in local search engines.

Methodology: we will test over 200 stress points to identify technical SEO issues. We review areas like: Domain use for international purposes, IP redirects, “splash pages” for country selections, hreflang, and more.


Keywords and Country Competitor Analysis

Goals: identify the best local keyword opportunities for your website's international SEO strategy.

Methodology: we will analyse your current rankings and your competitors' as a starting point to detect all relevant keyword opportunities for your business. We will then make a selection of keywords to work on in our SEO strategy.


Onsite optimisation

Goal: implement web optimisation according to the keyword strategy agreed in the keyword analysis.

Methodology: we will create the metadata in local languages. We will check the text of existing pages based on SEO guidelines and create content for pages without SEO content.


Link Building

Goal: to accelerate the positioning of specific keywords in a controlled and scaled way. We acquire the highest quality links at the lowest cost.

Methodology: on a monthly basis we will identify link opportunities with independent local websites and blogs that do not belong to networks and have a minimum domain authority. Thereafter we will provide monthly link reports.


Monthly monitoring reports

We will provide monthly reports specifying the achieved results in SEO campaigns and linkbuilding. That includes the progress in your website positioning for the selected keywords and how this translates into organic traffic and business with conversion statistics.

Depending on the results, we will make the required changes to get the best out of our strategies and ensure a good return on investment.

Increase your organic traffic



    What is SEO?

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    What are the benefits of an SEO strategy?

    The benefits of building an SEO strategy conceived by experts is to increase organic search engine rankings in an effective way, targeted to the specific needs of a website or business. As a result, by attracting the right audience through Google, we will be able to increase conversions from the organic channel.

    How do you know your SEO strategy is working?

    In general, we can consider an SEO strategy efficient when a website’s visibility in Google index increases. Higher indexation, better positioning in rankings and a greater number of backlinks acquired will have a positive impact on organic traffic, i.e. visitors who get to our target website through Google results.

    How will we measure SEO results?

    In SEO audit, we measure improvements in the SEO performance of the website and number of indexed pages. In keyword analysis, onsite optimisation and linkbuilding, we measure the increase in new keywords ranked and traffic to pages optimised for these keywords.