Within the UX discipline, the conversion rate optimisation (CRO) focuses on optimizing the conversion ratio. Meaning, to improve the usability of a website with the purpose of increasing conversations.
This technique is based on the analysis of the user’s experience to identify the possible problems of interaction with the website. This way we can suggest and apply the improvements that will increase the conversion ratio and, therefore, the profitability of your traffic.

Why should you consider CRO?

The average conversation ratio of an e-commerce is of a 2-3%.
This being our starting point, this is how do you know if you need to optimise your conversion rate:

  • Your Google Analytics indicates that you are below this percentage. By optimising the conversion ratio, you will achieve more sales with the same marketing investment.
  • You are within the average of 2-3% but the profit margins of your product/service are adjusted, and you need a higher conversion ratio. You could also make channels of payments like Adwords profitable.
  • There is a product, service or category that converts below the average conversion of the web and you might still don't know why. A usability analysis will discover it.
  • You have or are going to launch a new product or service. With the Conversion Rate Optimisation you can understand the behaviour of your users and design your new web-page adapted to your needs and oriented to conversion.

Our CRO Strategies


Traffic and Behaviour Analysis

Google Analytics is the base to know in detail who our users are and how are they behaving within our e-commerce. With this analysis we detect those pages that are having problems and, therefore, are affecting the conversion.

Besides, we analyse the behaviour of the users with usability measurement tools. Basing ourselves in reports like heat maps, which allows to see the areas with more and less interaction, we can identify the most problematic web elements. We complement with videos of real sessions of users, which allow us to see first-hand how they interact with the web.

The result, an exhaustive quantitative analysis about what happens on your website and the elements to change.


Web Usability Analysis

Does your website comply with all the basic usability standards?
As a conversion optimization agency, we conduce UX design audits, which consist of more than 150 checks. We analyse in detail every corner of your web, from the visual organisation to the navigation structure, through the elements of interaction with the user or the forms.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization audit will give you the information you need about the usability and interaction problems detected in your e-commerce. Of course, for each problem found we will suggest one or several possible solutions.


User Testing

Do you want to know what the users of your site are saying? Do you want to discover why no one is clicking on the main banner? Maybe discover if your buying process is too slow and tedious? All these questions have a qualitative answer. It is time to ask your users.

The user testing is a fundamental part of any Conversion Rate Optimisation analysis. Knowing what the user thinks and feels. Asking why they click here and not there. Discover what is causing frustration and satisfaction. All this helps us to identify a lot of problems that are often impossible to detect with a regular tool, and to discover how to solve them.


A / B Test

We already have a list of changes that we must make. However, some of these require a lot of time, effort and money. For these more complicated changes, before implementing them on the web, they must undergo an A/B test.

Also, when a problem has several possible solutions, but we do not know which one will have the greatest impact on the conversion ratio, an A/B test is the best option.

In eStudio34 we use a technology that allows us to make changes in the web without touching the source code. Therefore, we create a copy of the page without affecting the original, applying the changes and redirecting a percentage of the traffic. After the test, we consult the quantitative data. Has the conversion increased? If the results are positive, the suggested changes can be applied.

If you are interested in our CRO services, do not hesitate in contacting us.