Amazon SEO

Estrategia SEO en Amazon - Estudio34

List your products on Amazon and become a top seller

Increase your visibility on Amazon
Estrategia SEO en Amazon - Estudio34

We list your products among first results of the Amazon marketplace

Thanks to an adequate SEO strategy and Amazon listing optimisation for each market you will be able to stand out among competitors and to gain visibility for your products

Vender en Amazon - Estudio34

I want to start selling my products on Amazon

Perfect! Amazon can be complicated, but we explain to you the existing options depending on the level of control you want to have over your account and the capabilities of your business.

Estrategias de SEO - Bing - Amazon en Estudio34.

I want to increase my sales on Amazon

We use the most cutting-edge Amazon tools on the market. We can track your rankings and sales, propose techniques on how to increase your sales on Amazon with SEO.

Ya trabajo el SEO para Google - SEO para Amazon también.

I already do SEO for Google, should I do SEO for Amazon too?

If you sell your products on your website but want to open other sales channels such as Amazon, you should improve your Amazon SEO optimisation.The rules of the game change there because it has a different algorithm, the A9.

Campañas de pago en Amazon y Bing Ads en Estudio34.

To sell on Amazon, do I have to do PPC campaigns?

It is proven that paid campaigns on Amazon influence SEO positioning on this platform. As sales increase, the rankings also improve. If you want to try, we will help you.

Gain visibility on Amazon, the world's first sales platform

A good visibility is essential to sell products on Amazon. It involves different tasks like market analysis, keyword research, keyword monitoring and even PPC campaigns.

Estudios de mercado en Amazon para mejorar tu posicionamiento orgánico. 1

Competitors study and Amazon SEO keyword research

We will carry out a study of your targeted market and we will detect your competitors. By analysing their strategies we can define keyword opportunities, among others.

Using Amazon and third parties tools, we will analyse the most searched keywords every day on this platform.Then we will choose the most relevant ones to your business.

Optimización de las fichas de producto en Amazon. 2

Amazon product page SEO optimisation

We are experts in optimising product titles, attributes, descriptions, images and categories. We can help you with these tasks and increase your visibility on Amazon.

It is highly beneficial to create a personalised Amazon landing page where you can provide to potential customers additional and useful information.

Monitorización de rankings e informes para seguimiento de estrategias SEO en Amazon. 3

Rankings monitoring and reports

Through Amazon Seller Central and other powerful tools on the market, we analyse the evolution of the positioning of your products day by day.

Our reports contain information about the evolution of your sales, product reviews, its number and other key factors for the good performance of your products.

Asesoramiento y sugerencias técnicas para vender más en Amazon. 4

Continuous advice from the best Amazon Seo agency

After having analysed the reports, we suggest Amazon SEO tactics to improve your sales such as: discount coupons, taking advantage of your competitor´s stock drops, your own price fluctuations, etc.

Running PPC campaigns is one of the key techniques to improve Amazon SEO. This is why we will offer you highly effective Amazon SEM strategies.

Amazon SEO FAQs

How to do SEO for Amazon products?

Now that you know what Amazon SEO is, you will need to know how to do SEO for Amazon products. To start you must create an account and register in Amazon Seller Central, then create your list of products (from the Inventory section), specify the category of your products, upload good photos, list a competitive price (calculating your costs and benefits) and decide if you will distribute the products yourself or you will let Amazon handle it (FBA).

How to monitor the sales of a product on Amazon?

There are paid tools that allow you to monitor the performance of certain products, estimate the number of sales and the revenue as well as the fluctuations in the Best Seller Rank. We have access to this data which is why we can give you informed advice to improve your SEO strategy on Amazon.

What is Amazon Search Engine?

To position your products on Amazon, you have to apply a good Amazon SEO strategy and tactics that influence the Amazon A9 algorithm (or in other words the Amazon Search Engine). Some of the tactics are: optimising and improving your Amazon product listings and pages using the most searched keywords, increasing the number of reviews and their score, carrying out PPC campaigns on Amazon, correctly managing stock and price highs and lows, etc. At Estudio34, as experts in Amazon SEO services we do all this.

Is SEO on Amazon the same as SEO on Google?

As they are different search engines, with different algorithms, they cannot be treated the same. In Amazon SEO we will have to optimise different aspects (like for example Amazon search terms optimisation) and to monitor our efforts more frequently, since the rankings change on a daily basis. It is important to keep in mind that users searching for products on Amazon are much more willing to buy than users searching on Google. Now that you know why Amazon SEO is so important, don´t miss the opportunity!