SEM App Acquisition

We can help you with customer acquisition strategies for your app. Get new quality users for your business.

Get more app users

Our keys to winning strategies and increasing your app downloads

Measurement, definition, technical configuration and constant optimisation are key to achieving the objectives of a mobile app. At Estudio34 we help you take your customer acquisition strategies to the next level.

We measure new users and value actions in the app

Whatever your measurement partner is, we help you set up value action tracking in your app and apply that information to your acquisition campaigns.

We define the best strategy

We select the best channels to reach your app target and design a tailor-made strategy 100% suited to your business.

We support you in the technical configurations

Data interpretation and technical configurations are key to app user acquisition campaigns.

We optimise customer acquisition strategies

Don't focus your user acquisition only on cost per setup. Optimising based on user value is key to maximising your return on investment.

Get more app users

Methodology for app customer acquisition strategies

We support you throughout the whole process. From the definition of objectives to the evaluation of results, including the measurement, implementation and optimisation of user acquisition campaigns.


Defining goals

Defining goals
Do you want to get more users? How many? Do you know what your ideal CPI is? We help you answer all these questions to get the best results for your business.

It is hard to make a living from app downloads only. We need to get valuable, loyal users who take valuable actions in our app.


Technical implementations

To measure each step in the conversion funnel and be able to know what users do after downloading our app, we will need to do some technical analysis, supported by measurement partners.

Also, it is key to pass this information to the advertising platforms, so that it can be used for optimisation and thus achieve the best results.


Strategy development

Based on the goals of your app and after measuring it, we will have all the tools to design a winning strategy that adapts perfectly to your business needs.

The mix of channels and investment can be crucial in achieving a better return on investment.


Ongoing management and optimisation

Testing is key to customer acquisition strategies. It is a cyclical process of hypothesis - testing - validation - conclusions that will lead to the best results.

Channels, campaigns, creatives and messages are determining elements that will lead us to different results. We work together so that they are always aligned and meet the same purpose.

Get more app users



    What can I do to get more app downloads?

    It will be useful to test different user acquisition channels (Google’s Universal App Campaigns, App Acquisition on social networks and/or Apple Search Ads, among other platforms). The ideal will be to find the perfect mix to maximise the acquisition of quality users at the lowest cost. And don’t forget to work correctly on ASO, that is an important part in this kind of strategy.

    How can I attract more targeted users to my app?

    Once the different actions within the app funnel have been defined, we can optimise the campaigns and/or target them at qualified users who carry out valuable actions within the app. By doing this, we can better target the investment made in attracting quality users.

    Can user acquisition campaigns help me improve the ASO of my app?

    Indeed, the ASO or App Store Optimisation depends on many aspects, including the volume of downloads of the app. If we push those downloads through PPC strategies, we can give a boost to the organic positioning of the APP.

    What can I do to increase the engagement in my app?

    There are plenty of options such as push notifications and many others. From a PPC point of view, we can play with remarketing campaigns using deep-linking to users who have performed specific actions within the app, more active users in the app or users who have not logged in to the app for a while.